Game Day

Our goal is to create a touch point with each club in WP at some time during our broadcast season. This starts well before the league begins and ends well after. During season we’ll check weekly, as the log point’s shift, to see which teams have derby matches. When two teams are at the top of a log this match could become a must see fixture. For the teams we cannot cover, we try squeeze in interviews, or showcase and promote their features, jersey, coaches or players. We do have one rule if you want us field side. Clubs must make an effort to showcase their events before the event. We use this material to advertise the game beforehand. This means Facebook, Twitter and Newsletters. The best clubs will make a huge effort using the above, and even go a step further with great food and other match day entertainment

Match highlights
We shoot the fans, the player and some action. Our fans love to see faces of people they know. We shoot short action clips for the show insert. This includes tries, conversions, set pieces and great running action shots

Losing Captain and Coach
Quite often a bitter pill to swallow, but just as often happy to just be playing. After each match we’ll do an interview with the losing Captain and Coach and ask about the game, where it went wrong and what they will focus on during the rest of the season.

Winning Captain and Coach
Bragging rights to the winner. After each match we’ll interview the winning Captain and Coach.
We’ll how they feel about the performance, what were the teams strong points and weak points and plans for the rest of the season.