Can Manenberg Rangers keep their unbeaten run going?

Manenberg Rangers have won their first four games in the Promotion League and are looking on course for a place in next season’s Super League C competition.

The club finished as Champions of the City League having lost just once in eleven games. They have continued their fine form into the Promotion League.

Key to their success has been the form of Yaseed Mosavel. The exciting back has already scored 7 tries in the Promotion League to add to the 4 he scored in the City League competition.

At 27, Mosavel is one of the more experienced heads in a youthful Manenberg squad.

Mosavel is not alone as the one of the club’s top performers. Youngsters Zubayr Arendse and Raafiq September have also performed at a high level as the club looks to gain promotion to Super League C.

The club has a bye this weekend before they travel to Phillipi to take on promotion rivals Young Wesleys.

Wesleys have lost just once in the Promotion League and currently sit just three points off Manenberg.

Blue Stars United is another club breathing down the neck of the league leaders.

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